Fence Boards

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Pick from a wide variety of fence board widths, lengths, shapes and wood species.

  • Traditional Fence Pickets 1x6x6' and 1x4x6'
  • Other sizes from 1x2 to 1x12
    Other lengths to 20'
  • Dog Ear or Flat Top
  • Tri Stake
  • Tongue and Groove
  • Ship Lap
  • Cedar Grape Stake
  • Cedar Split Rail (2 or 3 rail)
Of course we carry traditional fence boards, 1x4x6' or 1x6x6' in dog eared or flat top shapes. If you need wider or narrower/longer or shorter boards, we can provide those.

Redwood grades affect the look and cost of fence boards so we offer you a variety.

Before you choose your fence boards, consider the "price per fence foot", which allows you to compare boards of different widths. As a general rule, fence projects utilizing narrower boards will have a lower material cost than fence project that utilize wider boards, within the same grade.


                     Prices for some of our most popular fence boards are shown below 

   1x4x6'   PREMIUM  Construction Common Redwood   (Dog Ear) 

$1.79 ea 

   1x4x6'   PREMIUM  Construction Common  Redwood  (Flat Top)

$1.79 ea

   1x6x5'  PREMIUM Construction Common Redwood  (Dog Ear)

$2.59 ea

   1x6x5'   PREMIUM  Construction Common  Redwood  (Flat Top)

$2.59 ea 

   1x5x6'   PREMIUM  NARROW Construction Common  Redwood  (Dog Ear)

5" Net Width, - PREMIUM Quality - COMPARE Width/Price and SAVE 22%!


$1.89 ea

   1x5x6'   PREMIUM  NARROW Construction Common  Redwood  (Flat Top)

5" Net Width, - PREMIUM Quality - COMPARE Width/Price and SAVE 22%!


$1.99 ea

   1x6x6'   PREMIUM  Construction Common Redwood  (Dog Ear) 

 $2.79 ea 

   1x8x6'  REDWOOD  FENCING  (Dog Ear or Flat Top)

$6.99 ea


For prices and availability on other fence boards, call 916-483-2001 or visit Berco Redwood at 4560 Auburn Boulevard between Madison and Watt Avenues in Sacramento. If our Roseville store is convenient for you, call 916-783-2001 or visit Berco Redwood Roseville at 860 Riverside Avenue near Cirby Way, just 2 blocks off Interstate 80. And now we are open our store in El Dorado Hills , call 916-933-3333 at 1091 White Rock Road, #200 accross from Pottery World, next to Post Office



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