Redwood Decking

Redwood DeckingRedwood deck boards are nominally 2"x6", actually measuring 1-1/2" by 5-1/2". They are surfaced on all four sides.

We sell lengths of 6' to 20' in two-foot increments.
We offer 9 choices of Redwood deck boards: ClearAll Heart, Clear Aye, Heart Bee, Bee Grade,Select Heart, Select, Construction Heart, Construction Common, and Primo Bullnose.


                      2x6'   Redwood Decking

                              ------Mixed Heartwood & Sapwood -----

                             Construction Common                $1.79/lf  all lengths

                           Select Grade                                $2.39/lf  all lengths

                           Bee Grade                                    $3.41/lf  all lengths

                           Clear Aye                                     $4.02/lf

                                                -----All Heartwood-----

                           Construction Heart                      $3.00/lf

                          Select Heart                                  $3.14/lf

                          Heart Bee                                      $4.93/lf

                           Clear Heart                                   $6.31/lf 


All Heartwood. Free of defects on one face. This product is green.


Similar characteristics of Clear All Heart. Well manufactured and free of defects on one face. Contains Sapwood in varying amounts.

redwood decking


Quality Heartwood grade containing limited knots and other characteristics not permitted in Clear All Heart. This product is green.



High quality grade containing limited knots and sapwood in varying amounts.

bee grade redwood decking

$3.41/lf  all lengths 



A tight knotted Heartwood grade resistant to insects and decay. It is sutable for high-quality construction with minimal waste.




Same general characteristics as Select Heart, but contains Sapwood in varying amounts.

select grade redwood

A Heartwood grade that contains knots of varying sizes and other slight imperfections.



Same general characteristics as Construction Heart, but contains a combination of Heartwood and Sapwood.

construction grade redwood decking



This is a new profile with 1/2" rounded edges for a classy new look. We manufacture these boards with a proprietary blended grade of redwood.

primo bullnose decking


Net size is 1-3/8"x 5-3/8".
Recommended joist spacing is 20" O.C.