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Berco Redwood offers an expansive line of Hardware to complete your project installation. The list below shows some of our hardware products. Please call or visit if something you need is not listed here.

Deck Fastening Systems

DeckMaster - Premium Hidden Deck Fastening System
A patented fastening system that eliminates damage to deck boards and eliminates unsightly nails, screws, and hardware stains that blemish the beauty of the wood. The result is a smooth, unmarred surface that looks like a premium quality hardwood floor. The boards are fastened from underneath the deck at a 60 degree angle so there's no danger of them poking through the top of the deck.
DeckMaster works with ANY decking product as long as it has material for the screw to grab and hold firmly from the bottom.
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Steel Fence Posts


PostMaster® stainless steel fence posts are constructed of structural steel with a heavy galvanized coating. They can withstand high winds and heavy rain and will never rot or warp. Master Halco guarantees every PostMaster® steel post and backs them with a 15-year limited warranty.

7' 6" $21.00
8' $22.90
9' $25.70
10' $28.60

Metal Fence Posts

Steel Pipe Fence Posts

These round steel pipe posts are available in 8' and 10' lengths. Our pipe posts are made from 12 gauge steel (thickness of .116 inches), compared to 16 gauge steel (thickness of .065 inches) used by "Big Box" brands. That's almost twice as thick and much stronger. It's the same amount of work to install either one so why waste your time with an inferior product?

Also, we have all the brackets you need to install your steel pipe fence posts.

Simpson Strong-Tie


Simpson Strong-Tie Connectors
Berco Redwood proudly offers Simpson Connectors for most any wood-to-wood connection that your building project requires.


FastenMaster TrapEase Composite Wood Screws are designed to eliminate the "mushrooming" effect caused by standard deck screws in composite materials...with no pre-drilling. FastenMaster TrapEase is available in Gray, Dark Redwood, and Brown to match popular composite decking colors = less noticeablity.
(FastenMaster TrapEase Composite is also available in Stainless Steel)

FastenMaster Ledgerlok Ledger Board Fasteners are engineered for the attachment of ledger boards to the rim joist of the house for faster, easier, and stronger installation than 1/2" lags. No predrilling or ratcheting needed, and no special drill bit required. LedgerLok has a built in washer head which eliminates the need for an additional washer and increases holding power.
FastenMaster GuardDog Pressure Treated Deck Screws are premium deck screws manufactured for use in ACQ and Copper Azole Pressure Treated Lumber. Traditioanally coated deck screws are suceptible to red rust and corrosion when they come in contact with element used in pressure treated lumber... GuardDog screws are coated with a patent pending Coperite coating, set with a thermo-set, color matched, epoxy which acts as a barrier for added protection, and finally, coated with an anti-friction clear coat with identifying copper-flecks. "Don't worry - The GuardDog's on deck!"
FastenMaster HeadLok is a heavy duty wood screw that does it all and won’t counter sink. The HeadLok offers higher design shear than 3/8” lag screws…and no predrilling is needed!* HeadLok zips right in and is ideal for many wood to wood applications including decks, fences, SIPs, kitchen cabinets and more. *Caution: Predrilling is required when fastening within 3-7/16” of end or 1-3/4” of edge of beam.
FasTap Self Drilling Screws.
FasTap's self drilling feature (called PowerPoint) creates the perfectly sized pilot hole as the screw is being installed--greatly reducing installation time, even in close-to-the-edge situations. FasTap shows it superiority when working with hardwood products or "super-seasoned" old wood.


We've got a large variety of nails you might need for any outdoor project.

Gate Hardware

If you need gate hinges, latches, locks, or supports, Berco Redwood has the functional gate hardware you are looking for.

Agave Ironworks produces hand-pounded iron decor for doors, gates, garage doors, and shutters. These exquisitely designed gate hardware combines decorative beauty with functionality and are simply the most impressive looking gate hardware you can find.
From old-world inspired hammered iron hinges, handles, and latches, to whimsical details like speak-easy inspired peek-through grates... Come see what our Decorative Gate Hardware can do for the look and feel of your gate or Garden Doors

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